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I understand your point completely. I do wish them well and hope that they will keep on winning. Not at the expense of our National team though.

As for millions watching. Yep, DW doing well in ICL will probably help the Cricket image of BD improve in the eyes of millions of Desi (BD, India, Pak, and maybe SL, that's about it) folks who are used to negative reports from cricinfo and their own local media.

As for pride in beating a team that had bowlers like SUDHINDRA, SRIVASTAVA, MURTAZA, YADAV, and BALI (with SHANE BOND being the only one that counts for anything) and had a batting line that included only THREE batsmen of ODI experience (NIXON, ATAPATTU, GUNAWARDENE). Naaah. Happiness? YES. Pride? Not really.

I could lower my standards and expectations and be proud but that'll be looking backwards, we've already beaten all but two of the ODI teams, club match wins against mostly no name players don't do it for me. Let them win a few games and make it to the semifinals and then I'll join the bandwagon.


Originally Posted by cric crazy
i am sure ikthiander bhai is only joking about Mash, but come on Tehsin bhai, look at the bigger picture.

Even though it is a league game, it is being watched by millions and millions of people around the world and when you see the warriors perform like the way they have in the last 2 matches, you cannot but help feel so proud to be a bangladeshi.

To be honest, I dont care who, when or where is playing.

All I care is that they are wearing green and red and play well and bring pride and respect to the motherland.

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