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Originally Posted by rafi_mc69
1) 3 one down batsmen(green) in the test team-Ponting, Dravid and Kallis.
2) Tendu over Lara in test
3) Flintof over Vettori and others in odi
4) Jayasurya over hayden, Sourav, Petersen, Sanga, Smith
1. I don't think they are much worried about positions in the middle order as long as 1,2,3 are taken care of.

2. It's not Tendulkar over Lara. They have just overlooked Lara for the others. In fact, if you compare the stats between Lara and Tendulkar, there is not much difference. Lara tops Tendulkar by less than 1.

However, if you compare their performances in and against strong attacks, you will find that Tendulkar averages 66 in Australia compared to Lara's 39. In SA also Tendulkat averages more than Lara. A lot of people do take the performances against the strongest attacks into consideration while evaluating players for selection and rightly so.

3. I believe Jayasuriya got ODI preference over the others you named because of his abilities with the ball. He is a very useful and very clever bowler and that makes him more valuable than the rest.
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