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Originally Posted by mufi_02
Rifat re magna paiya shobai ask imam forum shuru kore felse. Amio kisu korsi lol. Jai hok. Kathgora te Rifat, dhormo nah. I wanna know more about the man.

Bolo Rifat —

1) jibone koita prem korso?
2) why are you a Shafiul fan? Maybe I am wrong but thought you said you like him.
3) tumi ki khali east coast thakba? Move korar kono plan ase?
4) how many kids do you want and why is it more than five?
5) koi chilla lagaiso? Next kobe 40 days jaba
1) at least two.
2) I will always remember what Shafiul did to England in World cup 2011. plus I have seen him swing the bowl few times.
3) Yes, I have plans to move.
4) ever since I was young, I have always wanted two kids, a boy a girl. insha Allah some day.
5) 0. maybe someday insha Allah.
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