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Originally Posted by Special 1
I think the superior goal difference comes from thrashing all the minnow teams.
And stop wining about injuries. In old trafford we went in with a new manager. No cech and terry or carvalho did not play and it stil needed intervention from the referee to make man united win. Red card, a goal after the time was up and a penalty.
And todays game man united played ****. The had one chance in the entire 60 mins that i watched.

Now you were going on about mascherano deserving the red card, do u think haargreeves and ferdinand should have gotten red for their bullying of the ref today?
You say that as if thrashing minnows is a bad thing? I like how you conveniently ignored all the wins I posted, because obviously you have no response to that. I should probably add the 4-0 thrashing we gave Arsenal in the FA Cup without Ronaldo, but they are minnows too right?

United thoroughly beat Chelsea at OT. Mikel got his red card for tackling with his studs raised which could have seriously injured a player. There was no penalty until the 90th minute, by then United were winning. Don't try to justify Chelsea's loss on referee decisions.

So what if Cech was injured? We had Rooney and Scholes out too, no Neville for 13 months. It is you who is whining. I in fact expressed my disappointment at Fergie's team selection to not play a fit Tevez and Ronaldo when Rooney was injured.

Rio and Hargo got yellow cards for clashing with Chelsea players. WTH are you talking about they bullied the ref? No one bullied the ref, let alone in the manner Mascherano did. Take your blue tinted plastic fan glasses off and stop bullsh*tting.
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