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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
You say that as if thrashing minnows is a bad thing? I like how you conveniently ignored all the wins I posted, because obviously you have no response to that. I should probably add the 4-0 thrashing we gave Arsenal in the FA Cup without Ronaldo, but they are minnows too right?

United thoroughly beat Chelsea at OT. Mikel got his red card for tackling with his studs raised which could have seriously injured a player. There was no penalty until the 90th minute, by then United were winning. Don't try to justify Chelsea's loss on referee decisions.

So what if Cech was injured? We had Rooney and Scholes out too, no Neville for 13 months. It is you who is whining. I in fact expressed my disappointment at Fergie's team selection to not play a fit Tevez and Ronaldo when Rooney was injured.

Rio and Hargo got yellow cards for clashing with Chelsea players. WTH are you talking about they bullied the ref? No one bullied the ref, let alone in the manner Mascherano did. Take your blue tinted plastic fan glasses off and stop bullsh*tting.
okay first of all i never said thrashing minnows is a bad thing. SO STOP with that. Manchester united are the best at thrashing minnows. its a proven fact and it is a good thing.

Are they the best attacking teams against big opposition in the world? no. There are better teams than them like barca. That is also a proven fact. So i donno why you are offended.

Yes united thoroughly outplayed chelsea at OT when chelsea were palying with 10 men for 50 minutes, because of a red card which at best would have been yellow. You can argue about it all you want and i can do the same. to me that was an yellow to you that was a red. The first goal at OT was scored on teh 48th minute 1 minute over the time that was stipulated. Was that not a referees decision?

I did not bring up injuries at first u were the one.

And the way harrgreeves was going at the referee at the end mollesting him, shouting at him, it was a disgrace. look from minutes 80 onwards. It was much more than mascherano did. Same goes for ferdinand. Maybe u should take ur red plastic fan glasses off and see things for what it is.
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