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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
When did I ever say United were the most attacking team in the world?

You're very sly and a hypocrite. You continuously suggest that United are ONLY good at bashing minnows, despite the fact United has the best record of the top 4 sides in England and identical stats with Barca in the CL. Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house. Chelsea are a boring team to watch no matter who they play. Today they went all out for the win because it was their only chance to stay in the title race and I said nothing to suggest they didn't deserve it.

You are WRONG. The goal was scored just a few seconds after 46th minute, not 48th. You can debate the red card all you like, a tackle like that could easily end a player's career. I know when to accept defeat graciously. Chelsea lost at OT, get over it!

I did not bring injuries to say we lost because we had no one to play. Learn to f'ing read. I said it was Fergie's fault for playing an injured Rooney on his own when he had a fit Tevez and Ronaldo on the bench. Then he took off Anderson who was playing well and replaced with O'Shea. You're the one lambasting United not being attacking today, so don't get your knickers in a twist because I pointed out why they didn't.

I watched the entire game. Rio got his card for clashing with Mikel and Hargo for protesting. You are seriously blind if you thought any of them were "molesting" the ref. Mascherano got his red card for persistently bullying the ref with abusive language and jestures, it was Hargo's first offense.

I didn't even bring up how Ballack was wrestling and shoving Ronaldo away in the penalty box as soon as he came on the pitch, for which he should have gotted a card. So don't talk about me referee decisions. It's clear that you're only interested in taking pot shots about United and only talk about referee decisions when they go for and not against United. I guess you miss your favourite referee Rob Styles who got demoted to league 2.
Well you are the one who brought up the statistics about man united being this and that against big sides. I never sed nething about their results against top 4 sides or nething. Read my posts properly.

About the united goal at OT. again it was not a few seconds it was 50 seconds after the alloted time. They took the corner after stipulated time was over. What was that?

Please that tackle would have not ended neones career. Actually nth happened to evra, he walked out fine from the tackle.

First offence or what, you are never allowed to touch the referee, which he did.John terry had to get him off the referee. and he is not even the captain of united. Its a straight red card regardless of whether that was a first offence or not.

Anyways there is no point arguing over this. ur an united fan and i am a chelsea fan, we will never see things from a same perspective.
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