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Originally Posted by cricgenius
u thought I dint know the definition of top order..look I am also watching cricket for 12 years now....calling Bd's first 4 batsmen top order is an insult to top order. I meant it that way, if you cant pick it up , then I don't care to explain what I mean next time.

I was going by Masharfee's statement in a newspaper and not by a member of a forum like you who I doubt knows little about Mashrafee's fitness just by sitting in front of his computer. You may not know how bad the politics in bd is and its everywhere for your information. They almost kicked out Shakib ( that Lotus Kamal incident I am referring to) they can do it with Mortaza also.

Back to the point..... Prove me how Nafees got a dont bring ashraful here..ashraful we all know has something with BCB ( again I would say another political game).If you can prove what Nafees has done to be in the team, then its worth arguing.
But we had tons of people complaining, Nafees was not getting into the team because of politics, now that he is in, you're saying, he made it because of politics?

So which is it?
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