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Originally Posted by _Milon_
But numbers don't say so. Kohli and Rubel have faced each other in ODIs just 4 times. In those 4 matches, Rubel has bowled a total of 39 overs and has given away 239 runs (Eco. 6.13) and has picked only 3 wickets in total. His bowling average is 79.66. Out of those 3 wickets, 2 are of Kohli's (In one of these 2 matches Kohli scored 136 before getting out). Now Kohli has scored a total of 330 runs (91,100,136 and 3) in those matches. Now if you still say that KOhli is scared of Rubel, i have nothing to say. In my view Kohli has played against much better bowlers with much more pace and performed well.
again stating the obvious..i'll quote myself from another matter what fans say here kholi will be kholi..take a deep breath and ignore

Originally Posted by Night_wolf
why do you guys care what we say here?

Some of us are really butt-hurt over the lose and trying to get some emotions out by bickering over here, if they go beyond the line there are mods over here to take care of business

you guys coming here and stating the obvious over and over again aint helping..let some people bicker, grab popcorn and'll pass in a week
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