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Interesting reading that raise more question than answers.

I will concentrate my comments on few specific sections:

>> Rumours of indiscipline and discontent have been circulating for the best part of the last twelve months.

One year is a long time. I would like to know, what exactly Coach, team manager, BCB did about that?

>> Shakib and Tamim are both fermenting discontent in the squad and are rumoured to have dined separately from the rest of the team on that same tour.

What was Coach Siddon, team Manager and BCB's view about that around that time? Was it part of the team rule? Did they approached Tamim and Sakib and warned them? Did they repeated the offense even when they were warned? If so, did BCB fined them for breaking team rule?

>> Both men are also rumoured to have insisted on business class plane tickets when travelling for specialist treatment abroad.

I remember Tamim did that. But cannot recall Shakib did that too. Can someone validate that please?

>> Such a conclusion, however, is misleading and ignores a pattern of poor behaviour by both the captain and his deputy. Shakib’s fall from grace is in fact the culmination of a series of acts by the Bangladesh skipper which could at best be described as naïve and at worst considered wilfully arrogant.

Again I would like to know if Coach, Team Manager, BCB, approached Sakib and tried to rectify this bad trend. If not, I would blame BCB more than Sakib for not able to guide a young and talented player. Its mainly their failure.

>Moreover, a former member of the coaching staff recently told of how during a crucial ODI, while the top order battled to set a score, their captain Shakib was napping in the dressing room for a significant portion of the Bangladesh innings.

Again I would like to know, when it happened? How the management tried to warn Sakib? What the Coach and the Team manager was doing, they were also sleeping? Why they didn't warned him? Why they have to wait so far as if they were building a case against Sakib. Shouldn't they guide the young captain before its too late?

>> Shakib also publicly accused the selectors of picking a squad without consulting him (an allegation denied by chief selector Akram Khan)

Personally I don't see anything wrong with that. And by default why should I believe Akram? Akram says one thing and Alok say another thing about Akram-Alok telephone conversation. Akram has more credibility issue than Sakib.

>> (Shakib )declined an invitation in November last year to captain the side on series-by-series basis, preferring instead a longer term appointment.

Personally I don't have any problem with that stand. I would have done the same.

These are just the first few questions I have while reading the article. I may add more later.
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