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Originally Posted by kalpurush
Well, not happy. I was hoping Anam could be our opening partner with TI, but seems I have to wait a bit longer. I still want him to play against the Irish just to give him more time.

Zia disappointed me the most = he slogs, slogs and slogs. Can't rotate by taking singles or two. Abul has pace but no variations at all. He needs to work it out.

The way we won against the Safers was a disappointment too. You can say a win is a win - that's "crap" logic to me. Cricket is not al about winning, rather how you play -wasn't a joy to watch.

I will give 5 out of 10 in over-all score to the tigers.
right, but one thing everyone will have to agree that they didn't let the asia cup momentum totally slip by even without shakib and tamim, we still won two back to back games against two different test playing teams..something that was (achieved in asia cup) missing for so long in Bangladesh cricket. so no matter how ugly the consistency is there
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