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Originally Posted by Beamer
This is about listing any new players, or previously unknown or little known players that catches your eye in this WC. Some of you probably seen or heard about them, but I suppose that is not the case with the majority here. Here are mine and list should grow in the future. Future young stars perhaps.

1. Mesut Ozil - midfielder( Ger ) : I am actually mesmerized by his lazy, languid style and he plays with vision and one touch. Gifted left foot.

2. Luis Suarez- forward ( Uru ) : Great striker.

3. Elia - midfield ( Ned ) : Superb skill.

4. Fabio Contreau - leftback ( Por ) : Love his game

I will add more as we go on ..
1.nothing new to say abt Ozil, that guy is bagging the biggest transfer offer after the WC.
2. Elia is a spectacle to watch, he should start in all the Holland game from now on.
3. Suarez scored some 45 goals for Ajax last season, and is definitely a good striker. But I find his diving tendency highly irritating which sometimes even disturbs Forlan's play. Not everyone can pull off a C.Ronaldo....

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