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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
In Soccer, they practice corner kicks over and over again. Real life situation. Same with free kicks from different sides.

In Basketball, Post play, screen and role, cuts all are done over and over again until it is perfected. 3 point shooting. free throws etc.

In Football, teaching how to read defense from films and countering that in the playing field in practice, linemen blocking and making holes for the running backs, wide receivers, tightends, all practicing to that certain plays can give them the edge the want.

In Cricket, at the nets bowlers bowling to a particular spot (white circle) is also done to get their line and length corrected.

My question is:

Why can't we have 15-20 fielders with Tamim and Co. batting in practice on a regular field instead of nets surrounding them? Game time situation with a degree of difficulty! That way when they get out in practice sessions these batsmen see what they are doing wrong. In the nets when they play a uppish shot, they think that went for 4 or 6. In reality they would just get out because they can't visualize fielders there to take the catch. There was a time when Ashraful got out, he would say that was a 4 ball. Same attitude on these superstar we have. Confidence level super ceded to arrogance level. "Vettori ordinary bowler."

These batsmen are practicing in the nets for ages and no improvement can be seen. So definitely the practice method is wrong. Needs to be modified to create game time situation.

May give them instructions on 10 overs remaining 70 runs needed with 3 wicket in hand. Can you do it? Or 57/4 now you have just walked in. Things like that. Live international matches are not a place you learn these things. May be in domestic cricket but we all know how little domestic cricket our boys play to learn from that.
I think they do simulate real game situations in practice. I remember Ian Pont talking about it when he was coaching the team.

Practice is obviously important but it's pointless when you can't apply it to the real game. I think the real problem is before the national team where they mostly learn on the U19 level but in between that the domestic structure is so farcical that these players don't get the quality practice that the G8 teams do. National team camps are just not enough in order to get ready for international tours against G8 teams.

Again that's why I pointed to the BPL as one of our reasons for our horrific year. Our players were getting much more quality practice in these games and they used that well for international games. Now there are too many gaps again in our schedule with our players just playing NCL/BCL and DPL which again is why we went back to where we once were
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