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Originally Posted by akabir77
guys please stay away from internet when bd loses. That's when every scum of the earth comes out of their black hole to take a dig at us. I do that and don't feel a thing.
dude ..same thing happens when India looses a match in any part of the world.. people in Pakpassion and Bangla Cricket starts digging at us.. calling us .. corrupt, flat pitch bully......etc. etc......

to feel bad about it is as immature as the comments themselves... just live through it and wait for your turn.....

Based my limited experience in sports rivalries among other countries in other sports.. this is very common place and should not even matter....

have you seen what kind of comments are posted by americans or whites in larger..whenever there is a disaster in south asia... they treat all of us (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) same... and calls us third world trash etc. etc.. ..should I feel bad about it..? yes-off-course...shd i lose my sleep .. no way
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