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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
If this is a project, you don't pull the plug midway. At this point obviously Pro-Siddons. Come when his contract expires I will re-evaluate his tenure. By the way, players are to be blamed for this dismal performance. Captain takes the lion share.
Good point. Except for the captain part...see below.

Ash's rash shot after getting a live shows he has learned nothing. 110% his failure is on his shoulder alone. After so many games he is yet to know how to build an innings, how to support partners.
I see your point. But as I said earlier, 1 person rarely makes a team of 11 lose. It's the combined idiotic effect.

Captain takes the bigger share of responsibility. I agree with that. But he's not the one solely responsible. A captain can't do a thing if others in his team doesn't do a thing. At the same time, if a captain cannot set the example, the others in the team won't give it a shot.
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