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Originally Posted by Razi
So you're trying to say we would have lost if it was played somewhere else? FYI, not a single wicket was taken by our spinners which shows the pitch was more favorable to England than us.

And, what do you mean by England don't have a good record at Adelaide? You want ICC to schedule matches in Australia only where England has good records? What a brilliant logic, only possible for blind Aftretard fans to come up with such ideas!

BTW, if you didn't know England is also part of the big 3 who currently run ICC and rule the cricket world, so if anything ICC would have tried their best to make them qualify going by your logic!
I am not talking about Just England. My point is how is it that India are always playing on wickets that favour them? Did India not get bashed before the World Cup in Australia? Suddenly they have become a world force. We have seen in the first 1-2 weeks that chasing in Australia is tough.. But did you not see how India won the toss vs South Africa, in every crucial game how is it they win the toss? I am not saying it's blatant cheating, I am just giving one amongst many point of views people have.