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this was sad indeed. But I understand the villagers anger/emotions to club the tigers to death when they come inside villages, but I was more shocked to learn that a tiger was clubbed to death last year with the forest officers standing there helpless. They tried to convince the villagers not to kill the animal, but couldnt do anything themselves as the tranquilizer gun/bullets they had was old and wont work (!!!).

I cant think of a second place in entire Bangladesh where you'll need a functional tranquilizer gun other than in the forest dept of Sunderban. I feel like donating some money to buy them a new one. As far as I remember, the officers procrastinated the 'clubbing to death' till evening, at which point the villagers simply got more desperate and killed the tiger (maybe expressed their dissatisfaction on the forest dept/govt on the poor creature). sigh.... and I am sure nothing nothing has changed since this happened....
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