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This will be happening for a little while. This is happening when the database is being backed up. When the backup is complete the database is again receptive and you should be able to start new threads.

With close to 2 million posts along with hundreds and thousands of multimedia attachments, this has started to stress our current server. If you recall, we had moved to a new home on the cloud after several years ago when we out grew our last server.

We are exploring a number of alternatives - options that are also being weighed in with available funds and any revenue stream we have.

Options include:
  • Purging old threads and posts. The bad? Lots of history lost.
  • Updating to the latest version of the bulletin board - this probably will have minimal impact
  • Upgrading to the next higher class of cloud server. This will be expensive and at some point our expenses will exceed our revenue and existing funds. Many of us have donated funds and time to BC to keep it running and I'm sure some of us will do so again if needed.

And the pace at which things get resolved is incumbent upon how much our day jobs constrain us.
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