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I think you ppl are absolutely rite. Specially I appreciate Nasif's comment. For amit we do loose in game but we don't loose our hope. You'll see one day will ( I'm sure it will be very soon) come when you ppl will get crash by our team. So, don't take the pride.

For our poor performance in the world cup I would say that our Bd team seriously lacked team work which resulted in a humiliation. Our poor performan or loosing a game doesn't never mean that we don't have the abililty to perform.

When our time comes we will beat India with Sachin, Dravid or anyone you would like to be included. Kapil may be??.

When did we start our WC? Just last give us some time and we will show the world what we have!!!! Don't try to neglect our team...we made some world records too...

For about being tiger...Indians doesn't deserve to be called tigers (No offence just easy)...We are the tigers the Royal Bengal Tigers.

And if you like you can many things from us not only something.

We are this kind of creature that if you guys eat us then you'll die bcz of our poision.

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