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I once thought that i could convert you bangladeshi supporters into indian supporters. i am surprised to see so much of support for Bangladesh despite their poor performances. Most of all, you guys are quite optimistic. I have seen in this forum that some of you think that Bangladesh can beat India. I am telling one fact to you that your team would never ever be able to beat India.

Someone in this board said that Indians don't deserve to be called tigers whereas Bangladeshis are tigers. This is not correct. We Indians are, were and will be Tigers. We are BORN TIGERS. As for Bangladesh, you deserve to be called CATS. The only way you can be called tigers is when you beat test-playing nations on a regular basis.

I think that Bangladesh has the best support for any cricketing nation. You guys are too quiet. I have never heard of any Bangladeshi burning posters of their cricketers or even praying or worshipping cricketers like gods. I think you always support your team equally no matter what, they lose to Canada or beat Pakistan. I am sure that your team would be able to beat Pakistan this year. Maybe we Indians could learn something from you guys. I think more and more Indians should read the comments posted on this site and learn something about how to support their team.

I am sure that this support would one day make Bangladesh the 2nd Best team in cricket. The best team will be India ofcourse and you would never be able to beat us. I wish BANGLADESH GOOD LUCK against all teams except India. I wish Bangladesh BAD LUCK against India. I also wish Bangladesh Good luck to develop their cricket which is in such a bad situation. It can be possible with the support from you guys.
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