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Originally Posted by MarufH
Something tells me that this issue is close to your heart for some other reason. You seem very animated about it. Care to share why you hold this "issue" so close to your heart? I dont think I have ever seen you this animated. Comparing babies picture... womens health/abortion with a grown man's finger injury is a bit too far, IMHO. Who hurt you as a child, my friend?

I am not taking one side or the other - I am glad that we will have a representation of Shakib's caliber in Asia cup -- but that's all I will say.
Do YOU understand reading comprehension you thickhead tryna gaslight and deflect the issue?

The POINT is NOT niggle vs abortion. The point is no single human being has control over others, you dumb****.

Take that into your thickhead next time you walk around in Washington DC of United States of America.
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