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Originally Posted by ToBeFair
When it comes to making decisions about surgery, Shakib should be the one making decision in this regard and on one else. On this issue, no one has the right to criticize him.

However, regarding vacation issue, we the fans had every right to voice our own opinions. We are fans to follow the game and talk about in the first place, not to put our feet on the crease and play the game.

Ever heard of what happened with Ozil because he shook hands with Erdogan?

Criticism from fans is part of being a national team player.

Shakib does not owe us anything, and we also don't owe him flowery words.

Bangladesh cricket needs him but he is not bigger than BD cricket. If he retires tomorrow, everything will be alright. Better players than him retired. They were replaced with. Tendulkar retired. Kohli came in.

Habibur Rahman, former justice of BD, once said, "Allah e duniya'y keu oporiharzo noy." Very true.

Shakib is like all other contingent beings and entities. He is disposable not inevitable.
Believe it or not, I agree with you!

If you are on point, I am game. All game.
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