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Originally Posted by adamnsu
I know none of our opinions will matter or impact what happens to Bangladesh cricket and its peripherals.

But this is a forum and everyone has an opinion (could also be wrong) some genuine as we love the sport and are passionate about it. Writing about it is just expressing ones feeling otherwise whats the point in having this forum at all.

Anyways, I have had a new take on this. Decision of what happens to Shakib's body is his alone. He may want to consult the doctors but Papon can and shouldnt force him to play.
Again! I agree.

These approach are far more fine tuned than: "Oi beta, nijere ki monish" attitude or circa "Oi beta, nijeke ki mone kore?" attitude or even an ancillary questioning of his national duty and obligation for playing in IPL or having to take vacation.
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