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It is easy to be critical when you're losing, despite the fact that the same old shite may exist even when we squeeze out a win. Conversely, all is overlooked and forgiven when you win. So I'll have to take Ata's sudden epiphany with a grain of bit lobon.

The awful truth is that most of our BCB matobbors, including most former players, are made of the same stuff and don't think Mushfiq is doing anything wrong by adhering to the script regardless of match situation. Some may have an occasional issue about how he uses his bowlers every now and then, but his passive and often suicidal field setting is at par with their "prevent the boundary and allow easy singles" philosophy. They don't get how rhythm mitigates pressure and eventually establishes the platform for timely acceleration with wickets in hand. In other words, they're clueless idiots. Like him, they too believe that wickets primarily fall only due to unforced batting error, and a lethal delivery is an anomalous bonus. KM Pilot is the only guy I know of who's critical of Mushfiq's abilities on the field. He's repeatedly referred to as "captain fantastic" not only because of his legitimate prowess with the bat, but also because he's easier to control. Their major issue with Shakib has always been his critical attitude, and the fact he rightfully questions and speaks the hard truth about their qualification to influence the game at this level.
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