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Originally Posted by mufi_02
As I said early, some of Mushy's decisions are mind baffling. But we are looking for a scapegoat and he is an easy target.
Because he, himself make it easy for fans to make himself an easy target. Besides on-field cricket related gaffles and team selection, his is performing poorly what used to be his strength at the first place.

How often you see a national team captain of any team cry on the field? Team ususally pick the characteristics of the captain in the team. Now we have see the whole team cry all together after a game.
How often do you see a good captain pick a newbie in the team as scape goat (in media brieding) to divert heat from him?
How often you have seen a good captain try to justify their team selection with more confusing explaination
How often have you seen a good captain, after failing in the field (the easiest possible stump) bark at a young (and pretty good fielder) player's fault and abuse his power as the captain?
How often you see a good captain shamelessly favaout a group of under performers a while thow some young but performing players under the bus?

The list can go on and on....

Yes now a days Rahim is the easy scape goat for the fans. But if anybody need to be blamed, it's himself who should be blamed, he made himslef easier by his own actions. He is showing no leadership characterisitcs at all.
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