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Originally Posted by Fazal
They all made (themsleves) an easy target (by fans) to attack by their action even though Ganguly was pretty decent captain. In top of it, unlike those three Rahim is not a good captain on the field.

Hafeez also have the same problem like Rahim. He make mistakes on the field (run outs) and then he yells to his partner as if its his fault. And see where PAK team is going. They wins by individual performance, not as a team.

So it's no surprise why fans are blaming Rahim now a days.
You asked many questions with "how often" and I gave very specific answers to them. Books can be written about Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Younis Khan's (excluding Misbah) captaincy blunders. Only through sheer raw talent and some marquee players is how Pak remains competitive. Unfortunately we lack that.

We are all frustrated about Mushy's captaincy. I think Shakib should take over T20 captaincy. It's time we start rotating.

That being said, most of Mushy's criticisms are just general ideas and lacking specificity. We need to blame someone and so we go to him. 1-2 start blaming, then few joins in, then some chimes in with big words, and voila!! Mushy is the culprit. We will be hell-bent to prove our analysis right rather than eat that humble pie when we are wrong.

I don't care if my whole observation about Mushy is wrong. I don't mind being wrong a thousand times. I was wrong about Anamul and so many other instances. If you can discuss specific instances, the overs, the powerplays, the players then I will change my views. Team jitlei hoise, nijer right/wrong analysis er kheta puri.
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