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Originally Posted by AussieFan
Warne, the greatest ever bowler afraid ? Sure he'll have bad days like yesterday, but he won't hide.

Anyway, he'll apreciate Murali better now.
the problem with MR Warne is he does a lot fo trash talking nd tries to belittle murali's achievements.... no one denies the fact tht he is one of the greatest bowlers the game has seen... infact wen he first came on during the early 90's he was one of my fav... bowlers .. slowly with time the guy showed his true colours as he bcame famous nd his mouth is just full of filth now ... so i dont hv ne respect for the guy ..... he better take back his word on BD being cheap wickets and start respecting murali's achievement.... he has to drill it into his head tht murali will overtake him as the leading wicket taker nd his record wont stand for a long time .... the quicker he comes to term with reality the quicker he wud learn to respect murali ... otherwise he can go f*** himself for all i care....
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