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Originally Posted by Prithviraj
we are so bad..
dude...dont loose ur heart by reading through forum comments of anonymous ppl....
Its not just fans, if you watch the recent wc videos made by cricinfo's indian reporters, you will feel there is a sense of negligence and sarcasm towards Bangldesh cricket. If you don't believe me check out Harsha Bhogle's match report of india vs bd match and another video made by cricinfo's indian reporters-;genre=42

Harsha Bhoge labelled our effort to beat india as 'banana skin'.
Also before the match I was watching an indian cricket show where navjat singh sidhu said 'the problem occurs when a goose starts to think itself as a swan', Bangladesh being the goose. How can a tv personality say things like that! Is it wrong to try beating your opponents? Should we go into a match hoping we will lose to india?

When Bangladesh team toured australia people used to come pad on my sholdier and say, 'well done, you have come a long way' although we didnt play well against australia. But we have supported india for so long when we didnt have an established team. Our fans used to cheer their lungs out for india and pak. is that how you repay your well wishers?
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