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Even when Bulbul/Akram were playing, we used to get beaten 9 times out of 10 (the exact figure is 6 out of 7) in One Day Internationals - so even then, we were not really rivals, in true sense.
U see the keyword in there is One Day Internationals..We did beat them on numerous occasions when Bulbul/Akram were around...When they came over for a tour to Bangladesh in 95-96 season prior to the World Cup, we actually white washed them 3-0 in the One Day series which unfortunately wasn't recognized as a full ODI series and rightly so as then we did not have any status...Even our A team and under 19 teams beat them on that tour..I don't think i need to remind u of the ICC Trophy final...and then prior to the last ICC Champions trophy and I may mention here that it was the first meeting between the two sides after we had gained test status we beat them by 34 runs (Unfortunately not an official ODI again..just our luck!)..and thakfully Bulbul/Akram were still in the one day series...victory in the ICC Trophy final and another victory by 34 runs makes it 5-0..doesn't it...?....and in ODIs ofcourse its 1-5..( I won't count the World Cup match as it was our crap team without Akram/Bulbul) in favour of us......To me ...that was rivalry.....Ofcourse u may have a different point of view..we all do....I just don't understand what got u so animated..???

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