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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
a lot of what zidane said does not apply to a sportsman at the top level. while i do understand his sentiments rooting from his mother getting admitted to the hospital, he is a representative of his people and an idol to many, and he shouldn't have gone physical. I think he said something like "I am a man first...and there are things that I can't control myself after hearing...I'd rather take a blow in the face than hear something like that..." arey baap etoi jodi kharap kisu bole thake taile why dont you tell us what he said already? and besides, why does he care what someone else has to say about his family? it doesn't seem like matterazi's comments were anything that footballers don't have to swallow everyday on the pitch...and by not apologising, both of them are setting bad examples.
I cant agree on the fact that he shouldnt have gone physical. Its easy for you to say that watching the game from your couch and say "Hey, why did you have to mess up the game"

I already feel intense hatred and anger against matarazzi for what he said. Lets cut the sportsman/gentleman ethics crap for once. A headbutt doesnt consolidate what Matarazzi did, I hope some mullah declares fatwa on him like they did on Rushdie so he never shows his face in world football again.