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Originally Posted by beshideshi
the point you raised is ridicilous. I think you havent read the article, ICC plays an umpire 6500$ per game, whereas a player gets around 2500$ per game. An umpires job is always much harder than a player's. A player needs to concentrate when he is bolwing/batting. But the umpire has to stay on field and give his 100% for 4 days straight. I doubt a five year old can do that. This is all disregarding the fact that one wrong decision by an umprire generates far more fuss than a players mistake.
I dont care how much ICC pays them. Thats their business. With benefits and stocks, Intel CEO makes 20 Million Dollars per year. Can you pay the same amount to a CEO in Bangladesh? Someone can learn all the cricket rules and umpiring technique in less than three months. If you give just 1000 taka per match there will be thousands of application for one umpiring position in dhaka. Umpiring job is not that tough. Counting ball for 4 days while watching the game is no rocket science.
Golf is good, no umpire needed!
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