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Originally Posted by Bugz
I dont think Jamie Siddons has anything to do with Bd success, how long he has been coach? if we do a performance curve after he started it wouldnt show a smooth upward trend, rather a zigzag and mostly very poor curve.

there is one factor though and I think that is sakib (and probably shujon as asst coach), but we have won against a very poor WI and a struggling zim, so we cant really judge where we are now. But after those mentioned series we will know, even the zim tour to Bd will give us a better indication, I think zim will provide even more competition in Bd than what they did in their own ground.

Originally Posted by Bugz
Absolute load of rubbish.

Siddons has no part to play in the success, yet Shujon whom has been there a few months is one the main reasons for our improved form?? Ridiculous.

Did you read where Tamim said his recent success was due to the work of JS?? I think he would have more of an idea than many of the Siddons haters on here.

agreed. wen the teams dos credit too siddons..wen the team dos bad..criticise siddons..n not sujon?
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