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Originally Posted by Fazal
When the team does good, the coach, the captain and the selectors should get most of the credit and when the team sucks the coach, the captain and the selectors should get most of the blame. Life is not fare, but this is the way it works. These are "high risk high benefit" type of jobs compared to assistant coach or a regular player or a regular member of the BCB.

So now if you think its too early to say if the team is improving or not, fair enough....then its logical to withhold your praise/critisim to Taklu for now.
But if you think the team is improving, then Taklu deserve his share of praise, unless of course if your logic is completely blinded by your dislike of Taklu.
Agreed. On that note, I think the conclusion can be drawn that Ash's captaincy period can be attributed to the stagnant/negative period. Whether it was Ash's captaincy, his relationship with Siddons or the players motivation to follow Ash is up for debate but Ash's removal as capt. appears to have been a necessity for us to move forward.
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