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One of the biggest changes in the BD team over the last couple of years has been a strengthening of the top order. Tamim and Imrul have played a large part in this. We now usually get starts that at least give us a shot at winning the game, provided the middle order follow up with decent batting. Between 2000-2008, our ODI win ratio against the top 8 teams was 5.5% (6 wins out of 106 matches). From 2009 to date, that ratio has risen to 35% (10 wins in 28 matches).

I'm sure most of us remember the days when the top order collapsed like a house of cards in almost every other match. We were often out of the game within the first few overs. Khaled Masud Pilot and others in the lower middle order were left fighting for a "respectable defeat".

The batting problem now is with the middle order, not the top order. Let's focus on fixing what is not working, rather than indulging in a knee jerk reaction to tinker with what is for the most part working well.
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