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Originally Posted by cricman
If anybody watched the first half if Jayawardene's innings it's really similar to a typical Bashar innings but once he got to 50 he took off like a Jet. The problem with Bashar is he can't get to 50 let alone 25 but Ash's 87 he paced himself very well and I know SN played a knock like that vs Zimbabwe but Aftab, Tamim and Ash (I think he gets it).

Jayawardene didn't rotate strike at all in the begging he scored 2(20) i was reading CI commentary and they said he was blocking comfortably so he knew what he was doing trying to avoid a collapse but I believe our guys can pace an innings like that and take singles at the same time. Tell Habibul he needs to play he's shots in his brain hes trying to pace himself but he needs to do a Micheal Vaughn and just Attack.

Sakib can pace himself really well but he usually loses his wicket trying a jump slash which he should stop and I think he'll learn.
Good thinking!

Actually, Bashar is a unique guy. I mean he is differnt guy. If u see in the bangladesh team itself the way he plays n every1 else is differnt.
So, we cnt expect nything like that from Bashar atleast in ODI's. Time has coem for him to go out of odi and play only test.
Test matches he is gud. He looks so differnt there.only the thing which he shld concentrate is that he shld improve his defence. if he can do that he will go a long way in test.
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