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You have obviously taken some time to put this article together and highlight a number of factors which are contributing to the lack of results this year to date.

I will take some more time to review your article and come back with a more detailed response, which however I will need to be very careful with, so as not to be in breach of contract etc.

One point to make though, quickly, you refer to Ranadeb Bose in your article. Ranadeb is no longer employed by BCB, his contract was not renewed last October (2013) and he spent just on 12 months with us working primarily with the U19 squad. While he was an inexperienced coach when he arrived, he became a very good coach and it was a big loss for us to lose him. His 15 years of first class playing experience, as well as a few games and tours for India, along with his desire to learn and improve as a coach, made him one of our most valuable coaching assets. he did a wonderful job with the U19 boys and it was a big loss when he moved on. He is now assistant coach of Bengal, in the Indian 1st class set up.

Something else you may wish to have a look at in relation to developing fast bowlers (of which we have quite a good, deep group, but cant get access to them, which is another story) is how many get to play first class or list A cricket and how many overs they bowl. There was at least one game this year, in first class cricket where did not even pick one fast bowler in their side. How can we expect our quicks to improve if they cant get a game, because teams want to play 4 and 5 spinners.

More to come anyway, but thanks for your article and your passion for the game.

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