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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
How are you my friend. Thanks for logging in. yes, we did perform today!!
Sure, thanks man. i just log in now and then. you guys catching up to your potential atlast . So we are meeting in the QF huh !. You know a lot of us talk about BD cricket team and inside scoop 3 players are feared the most. Mushfiq the little monster, Shakib of obvious reasons and Masrafe .. i think he is kind of like the Kapil Dev of 83 or Imran khan of 92. So whats the deal with him ? he is soooooooo patched up and his leg the other day looked like a mummy's. Fix him up good boys .. too many injuries huh ?

How are the other old timers ? you know way back from 2007/08 period

Cheers and may the best team that day win !
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