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I've lived in the middle east for 14 years.. (UAE) .. I was born there and my dad worked there for 23 odd years.. He spent more time there than in his own country Bangladesh.. He did varsity in Bdesh and then left for the UAE..

We lived there while my father worked his behind off only to be passed up for promotion after promotion.. We got all the perks: house rent, tickets etc.. but the prejudice apprent there is incredible.. I moved to NZ and only then did I fully understand how prejudiced Arabs are over there (the filthy rich ones).. Classic example: One of my dad's good patients just happened to be a policeman patrolling one of the mall carparks.. An Arab guy behind our car started honking as my dad pulled in in front of him (it was our right of way).. and then the guy consequently called to the policeman to give a 'jhari' to my dad.. Police dude didn't know it was my dad and was storming upto our car to give us a yell! Then he saw it was my dad and he exchanged friendlies.. Moral fo the story?: The Middle East is about who you know and how to use people to get there.. Arabs tend to know many people and have infinite connections.. This leads to their heads being full of hot air .. which leads to a prejudice.. I mean why wouldn't they? They're smart.. They have oil yet not many educated, skilled adults.. Arab sheikh: "Why not pay expats double the money, less tax and get them to work for us.. But oh yeah.. We would still own you and not give you any citizenship, rights etc.. Just coz we can.. and also hurl abuse at you.. If you don't like it, then leave.."
It's not the coach's fault, nor is it the fault of the lack of the players' talents.. It's the attitude..
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