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@bujhi kom...
I am so delighted to find likeminded people here...

Oh brother.

sorry but i am not up to ur expectation..
i am a 17 y/o teen from chittagong. i don't go to gym, but i have taken up calisthenics-dips, pull ups, inverted rows, pistol squats, sometimes i do back squats with my brother who weighs 38 kilo-12 reps max)..i have a 22 inch vertical leap and i can squat 53 kilo for one rep(i never trained legs seriously before trying this). i can push up 4 reps with 24 kilo
height: 5'6.5/5'7
weight: 54.5 kilo
bodyfat percentage: 12-13%
football(soccer), badminton, basketball (wish people played that hetete iin ctg)

So u see i m not a very tough guy!
how about you? tell me more about you.
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