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Talented athletes? Have you never heard the saying 'Rice eating Bengali people don't have natural athletic ability or genetics'? Did you not read Shakib's interview on orange juice?
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My 2 cents on fitness training for average Bangladeshi adults (this is only my personal opinion and I'm not a certified fitness coach):

As BK bro mentioned above, our country has rich heritage on strength training aka 'Paloan training with mugur vaja'. However, doing only strength training (muscle building) can do more harm than good when someone is trying to achieve good fitness (think fitness required for military or law enforcement).

Ever heard about functional fitness (or cross fit or sealfit)? The US and Australian special forces train heavily to improve functional fitness (and not just to build a body to show off) to highly perform in a tough/stressful situation. What I understand, there are 4 important paradigms in any balanced fitness training:

1. Flexibility and agility
2. Endurance and cardiovascular
3. Strength (including core muscle strength not just biceps)
4. Balance

Why should you (or we) care? We may not be representing Bangladesh cricket team (or any other sports team that requires high performance under stress) anytime soon but what if we end up being a victim of earthquake or any other natural disaster (doesn't matter where we live on earth), can we (as individuals):

Carry another person (may be an injured close relative) for 2 KM and get help? Can we run and swim back to the disaster zone and carry another injured person (who may not be a close relative but a just fellow human being)? Or do we just thank God when we're alive (chacha apon pran bacha) and leave everything (and everyone) else on God?

I know this is extreme but I'd rather train for this kind of fitness that gives real life benefits than doing just weightlifting in a gym to build a nice body. :-)

Happy to share more if anyone is interested in this kind of training.
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