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Originally Posted by Sydney
mom?? i thought my 7 months old nephew could do a better job....

anyways..who cares?? we won !!!
All of you guys are now sounding like geoff Boycott ( i hate that character). Yes he made a mistake but overall he had a good game. He did give his son out in this match too. yes he made a mistake but batsmen can take credit for that, the batsmen was very calm when the appeal was made, he just trotted to the crease and it seemed that he made it with ease. His bat was in the air which never seemed to be the case at first glance. Modi is a very respectable guy so pls don complain. I like him more as an umpire than our mahbubuddin and shaheen ( both of them make countless mistakes), how are we so professional, we are in the test arena for so long and we are yet to produce a good umpire( someone in elite panel)!! If kenya mocks the cricketing world than so does we by allowing lakh's of tk to selectors while the first class player gets no money and Mirpur stadium is still being built even after so much money spend on it. Lets face it, we are more corrupted and we need to look at ourselves in the mirror before complaining about kenya (Bechara's hardly get to play international matches).
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