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Default BD players need to grow a..

I know there are plenty of threads out there on this. One more wont hurt.

Why is it that only Shakib stood up and said something. Ya he is the captain but the other players should have stood up and had his back. He should not be fighting a lone fight. Lotus Kamal insulted the bd team as a whole and we only have one player with the balls to stand up to that ****. They need to grow a pair and have each others back. I am sorry but this whole incident pissed me off so much. This whole spinelessness really annoyed me.

Ya I know, there are players in the team whose place is not secured and they dont want to upset the big man. They dont want to risk their futures as BD players and what not. But we need to stand up against unjust no matter the consequences.

I realize doing so they could potentially risk their careers and its unfair for me to judge them when I am not in their shoes. I just wish they did more than just let Shakib fight the battle.
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