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Originally Posted by sonarbangla
on our orientation our department head to us, "if you look for A+ you will end up with an A. So never expect low. Keep your eyes to the max"

Hope that explains why I said that. if you keep saying "all is well" then let ashraful have 1000 more tries before you look for a replacement! Speaking of that you are the same person who wanted to drop SN or ashraful. lol. Its amazing how we bangalis do not even know what do we want.

I am not saying what lotus did was right. specially he should not do it in front of media. And ofcourse he should apologize to shakib for this incident. But what ever he said was not wrong.
What he said is WRONG. He questioned their integrity.

Do you understand what this thread is about? Its not about what Lotus did. Its about the other players.

IF YOU ARE A TEAM, YOU HAVE EACH OTHERS BACK NO MATTER WHAT. You dont back off and let one man do the fighting.
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