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Originally Posted by Purbasha T
I think he tried to say that even if one wicket is left, you cannot just throw your wicket away. Even though Mushy managed to score his hundred, at least after that he could've slowed down and keep scoring runs off the bad balls and keep giving as less strike as possible to Rubel. Despite the 100+ runs deficit that were still to be cut down, our players should fight till the end and make sure the opposition earn their wickets. BUT again, you can't just blame Mushy on this; everyone else who gave their wickets away in the team are equally blameworthy.
exactly! finally someone logical, non-emotional and more realistic.

we love our boys. we love to see tigers roar. that is why we expect 100% from them. sometimes our expectation does cross the limit. however, you can not blame us for that. it all comes from the utmost trust, respect and love we have for our boys.
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