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Originally Posted by BANFAN
It wasnt one player missing.... Kallis, Smith, Devilliets, Steyn, Botha and at least a couple others. So that's top three in the batting order and leagues apart in quality from the guys who played in top order, except Levi, Duminy ... That makes a whole lot of difference. -- thats why you can make reasoable assumption basing on facts that it wouod be tough to defeat this time. And their is a difference between intentionally Fielding a weaker side and unable to field a better player. India was unable.

Yes we have beaten this team with them in the team in Odis and we could have done so even in T20. ... That's the reason that I like to watch the match instead of hitting the bed after seeing the team list ....

Officially: it will be recorded as a victory against SA in unofficial T20
UN officially: every cricket expert, players and most fans will add this lejoor; SA rested most of their big names.

It doesn't take away anything from us, we can definitely celebrate, but we can't be ecstatic about it and be complacent with this victory, coz we know we have to play better to beat the full team. WI main team has shown it to us in WC, now none even talks about that WI series win loudly, although it's still officially recorded as a series win for BD. Shakib in his recent interview described that test series win as one of the best memories, but also didn't forget to put a side note on the absence of the key player. The day we beat the team with their best team that they can field, we have the right to be ecstatic with and feel a moment of greater pride in it.

Are you feeling as much happy as you would have felt if we would have beaten them with these guys in the team ??

If you say are being a nut...!!
You are saying Kallis, Smith, Steyn, De Villiers and Botha (couple others I assume Morne Morkel, maybe Duminy in some matches) alright; now for Kallis, Steyn and Smith- these three guys are one of the best Test players and they care very little about T20 cricket unless there is something big in it- SA in future will hardly get Kallis, Steyn and Smith play T20s even if they all are fit and free. Maximum time SA T20 team will be without Kallis, Steyn and Smith and everytime people going to say SA fielding a weaker team? Now that leaves us with De Villiers in batting. I have no clue what one man De Villiers could change the course of batting in all games- yes maybe it's possible but not for granted. In spin department- how one man Botha could change the course of bowling Now Morne Morkel who showed some form only in IPL as per T20 cricket goes (now do SA rely so heavily on Morne Morkel that they lost because they missed Morne Morkel). The team that SA played here is more or less will be featuring in future T20s. Besides, more or less this is the team that played against New Zealand also.
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