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[QUOTE=Special 1;469392]Maradona is a cheat! That simple fact alone will be enough for him not being the best footballer ever.
And like i sed Ronaldinho is better in skills than Maradona.
The reason why Pele is the greatest is because he was really skillful as well as a great sportsman[/QUO

Then how come Maradona was voted the greatest by the fans? But only a select band of fifa people chose pele??? Special???

Pele HAD NO WAY NEAR enough skills as Maradona.

Ronaldinho isn't better in skills; where does Ronaldhinhos skills take him in a match? Can he rip past defences???
Footballers these days can be immitated; but nothing unique seems to flourish. Not with Ronaldo, he did things which cannot be even done in a video game.
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