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Originally Posted by BANFAN
One match doesn't make a position regular for someone. You could have made that point. That would be fair, but reading too much into tone speaks of your mind and thought process. Why the hell I would be against the best player of the team? I might have issues with his captaincy. tate dekhte na parar ki ache? He has his problems to discuss, that doesn;t mean I hate him. I'm not that extremist like you may be...... I can still like a player having 1000 issues with him, he might have 1001 positives as well. I must have the freedom to express my concern, and selfishness is one of them.
But if you accuse someone of being selfish where in this case its clear that he is not, you have to take the criticism fair and square. Your jumping into the conclusion that shak is breaking the batting order for personal gain proves you have some kind of agenda against him.

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