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How predictable! Soon as our defeat by an innings materialized, the detractors are out, singing songs of ganguly and his infinite wisdom. Its funny that there were no such comments as early as last week, after our much earned draw, while dominating most of the sessions in St.Lucia. One defeat later, they are out of the woodworks and questioning our validity to play tests once again. For Ganguly, its convenient to talk about present and not past since India is ascending now. One only needs to go back a few years, all the way to much of nineties and eighties to see India's pitiful record in test cricket. What? fifteen years it took for india to win a test series outside. Has anyone noticed New Zealands crushing loss to England inside four days? Defeats are part of the game. On average, the weaker teams will lose more often but if they are not allowed to compete with better teams, how are they going to improve? India couldn't beat the same Kiwi team at home earlier. This sinister campaign against us is nothing but elitism emanting from a few like Ganguly. We are at a stage of infancy in test cricket and we will get better better and win eventually. We are growing our infrastructure and doing all the necessary things to lead us towards a succesful cricket nation. We have the nation and the passion of the masses behind us. It won't fail. Last but not least, India under Dalmiya now has cancelled the ICC mandated tour to BD in April and instead went to pakistan prior to the election ( how ironic? where is BJP now ). Where is the so called support from our big friendly well wishing neighbor? For us to get better we must play India to learn from the current crop of great Indian batsmen.
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