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Like I said on another thread here I'll state this again

Our players should watch the 2nd innings of SA batting over and over and over again. Unfortunately many of our fans think, what's the point of playing boring? Why not entertain the crowd? This is the main problem with our fans and also the other subcontinental teams fans. Yesterday I saw Harbhajan hitting a 4 off Panesar and the fans were jumping up and down like they've just won the match. What ended up happening? Harbhajan gets out soon after not doing anything prevent an Indian collapse and India suffered a massive 10 wicket defeat.

Then the even bigger problem with our players and the other subcontinental teams, primarily India and Pakistan, they look to entertain the crowd more than playing for results. Otherwise why do you see players like Tamim and Shakib being on a roll but then all of a sudden play a T20 shot and then get out? This is where the professionalism lacks in our players and fans compared to places like Australia, South Africa and England. It's time our players stop thinking about entertaining the crowd and focus on results. Drawing matches are far more important than looking pretty and eventually losing.
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