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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Agree with what Ian is saying here. The board may be run by a bunch of morons, but the bolods that end up representing us on the field deserve a fair share of the blame. Guys like Mushy, Tamim, Shakib and Nasir are capable of delivering more often (only Shakib has been fairly consistent, the HC needs to *whip* the rest) and the other idiots in the lineup need to shed the laziness, aim higher and work much harder. Don't just blame it all on the NCL being a crap hole.

But coach but coach, no offense but aren't you dipping into the same bucket of excuses to pull out a "Oh, BCB hasn't contacted me", "Oh, players don't want to learn"? If you are indeed in love, why let the BCB or the laziness of a handful of pansies get in the way? Why not take matters into your own hands, apply for the HC position and/or get in touch with Tommy Miah and/or start a branch of your own academy in Bangladesh? Why not fight for your love? Why not win her through proaction instead of taking a more passive stance?

Now that Richard McInnes has indicated he doesn't want the HC position, you are our only hope coach. Only you can save us from all the Abuls, Mofeezes and Mokhleses that are making a mockery out of Test cricket and a nation built on the qualities of courage and valor. Only you can *whip* our sissies into winners (since Jurgensen won't). Only you can help put a smile on four year old Sayem's face, a face that, albeit young, has already been worn down by the continuous failures of, as you put it aptly, the nation's greatest heroes (I like to call them zeroes, but oh well). Please don't let Sayem, who has the perfect cover drive, one that would humble the late Sir Don, get shipped to Australia in pursuit of a better life. His parents need him in their lives, everyone in Bangladesh needs him in his/her life.
Firstly, thank you for the support to be Head Coach.

Some facts for you before you get carried away though:

1. The BCB does not want me to be head coach. They have had several chances to speak with me about it after Jamie Siddons left (after Siddons, before Law, after Law, before Pybus, after Pybus). Even before this, I said to the BCB that I would only be interested in staying on (when I left in March 2011), if I might be considered for any HC vacancy. This has never happened.

2. Tommy Miah knows me well. I have met him and dined with him and discussed his project near Sylhet, 18 months ago in London. I have heard nothing from him since.

3. I don't have a bucket of excuses. Read points 2 and 3 above. I cannot force anyone to want me.

I run a highly successful coaching business, which is growing. The only way I could/would completely give this up is if financially it was worthwhile. The bowling coach role was not, which is why I couldn't stay beyond 6 months.

I can run various projects if they are not full-time for this reason and is why I travel to India and work globally with individual players privately.

But let me repeat: the BCB has never shown any interest in having me as Head Coach, nor have they responded to my requests to help set up a Pace Academy in Bangladesh, neither have Beximco or Grameenphone shown any interest in my approaches about this and neither has Tommy Miah asked me to be a part of his set up.

My stance is far from passive - you just have no clue what goes on behind closed doors.
No Cheating. No Corruption. No Excuses.
Players/Coaches have a duty to report and help clean up our wonderful game of cricket. We are the guardians of the game for the fans.
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