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Originally Posted by SportingBD
This will continue and I don't think being "muslim" will put a stop on that.

Let's give it couple of years to see... this... I wouldn't be too sure and confident about it.

Lets see how more hostile..EU countries become. How religion is used as a tool to achieve many good or evil things.

Time will tell, I'm sure.
well then we "muslims" only have ourselves to blame. we have to respect the local culture and assimilate into the society. that doesn't mean ignore or leave your own religion/values, but adapt to the local customs and live peacefully. if there continues to be attacks then obviously at one point or another, the home country will need to tighten their policy.

in this respect, the US muslims or immigrants in general have done a better job assimilating than their european counterparts.

instead of just blaming others, it is better to look at ourselves and see what is going on.
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